Patriarchy Smasher Candle


Hand painted LED candles with the words “Patriarchy Smasher” in various glitter options.

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Let the world know you’re out to smash the patriarchy with one of these charming candles!  There’s no such thing as “too much glitter” and these candles are covered!  You can get a candle for yourself, a friend, or a fellow activist.  Whatever makes your heart sing!

There are several color options to choose from!  If you want a custom color, feel free to DM me!   I have a couple dozen colors to choose from, therefore we can find the colors that speak to you.

The candles are all approximately 3in tall and 2in wide.  They’re made of durable plastic with realistic detailing.

I prefer making products that don’t give you the option of burning your house down.  You can light as many of these candles as you want, and they’ll never get hot!  Each LED light has two options: flickering golden glow and rainbow rotation.  The candles come with a replaceable CR2450 battery.

Every candle is hand lettered and hand glittered, so some variation will occur.  The paint used is a special blend.  I’ve formulated it to stick well to the candle but even so, gentle handling is appreciated.  Wipe it down with a damp cloth, but it’s probably going to lose a couple flakes of glitter, and that’s ok…there’s plenty more.

The glitter is cosmetic grade so it won’t scratch your eyeballs if it gets in there…but you shouldn’t be rubbing your face with the candles anyways.  Unless that’s your thing, so better to be safe with the cosmetic grade glitter.

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Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 4 in
Powerful Pink

Dark and Light Pink Glitter

Bold Blue

Royal and Teal Blue Glitter

Strong Steel

Platinum and Black Glitter

Tenacious Trans

Baby Blue, Pink and White Glitter

Riotous Rainbow

RoyGBiv Glitter


"Powerful Pink", "Bold Blue", "Strong Steel", "Tenacious Trans", "Riotous Rainbow"

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