Antoinette the Henna Artist

Antoinette was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, and has been practicing the ancient art of henna since 1999.

In 2007 she started up her henna practice with a serious focus as a business, with vigor and a new direction; Magic Magpie Studio was born.  Acrylic art in henna style was the main focus of her artistry until 2009 when she went to her first henna conference.  In 2011 she opened the henna studio on Latona, and was able to quit her part time “day job” in 2014, thanks to her growing clientele and full summer festival schedule.

Antoinette has been an avid member of the growing and expanding henna community since 2009.  She’s joined forces with other professional henna artists to help moderate several groups including The Henna Hub on Facebook, regularly teaches classes at conferences for other henna artists, has traveled across the USA to assist with events and festivals, and is an enthusiastic supporter of her “tribe”.

She currently lives in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle with her husband and two cats.  She’s a fan of science fiction in many forms, loves popcorn, used to live in Italy, and yes, her last name is pronounced “Hippie”.

From the Artist:
“…I think Henna is a reflection of what’s already true. YOU are beautiful! YOU are lovely! YOU are perfect in design, intricately detailed, and gorgeous. My henna simply is there to remind you that you are as fantastic as you are.

It doesn’t matter what the style, whether it’s floral or tribal, Asian or Western, big, little, simple or detailed. What I draw on you is a reflection of your inner beauty. EnJoy!”