Bridal Henna

Henna has become ubiquitous with Weddings!  The tradition of using henna to celebrate the bride’s beauty goes back centuries, and is found in the Middle East, North and East Africa, Pakistan, India and more recently in Western society as well.  There is history of wedding henna in the Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and Secular communities.  It’s a universal cosmetic!

I offer henna for all kinds of brides, from women looking for traditional hindu Mehndi to “Hippie Chic” barefoot weddings.

I offer several different options for wedding henna.  If you’re only looking to have a small amount of henna for a “peekaboo” affect, you could come in to the shop.  However, for the more extensive “traditional” style henna/mehndi I will come to you.

Mehndi bridal packages start at $375, and a three hour minimum.  Depending on your location there may be a travel fee associated.  Please feel free to contact me directly for more information and schedule availability!