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CUSTOM ORDER Altar candle


Glittery and colorful slow burning candles for your altar, ofrenda, centerpiece or just because! Unscented white wax with customizable base color, design and glitter colors.

Example photos are as follows:
1. White (unpainted) candle with “Special Request” in blue, pink, green and black glitter.
2. Red candle with “Roses” in purple and green glitter.
3. Orange candle with “Day of the Dead Skull” in black, light purple, yellow and green glitter
4. Yellow candle with “Henna/Mehndi” in purple, blue and green glitter
5. Green candle in “Floral” with green, pink, light gold and silver glitter
6. Blue candle in “Floral Day of the Dead” in light gold, orange and green
7. Purple candle in “Floral” with silver and teal
8. Black candle in “Gothic Skull” (Raven) in silver, yellow, green and red

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Need some special bling for your altar? How about a fancy glittery candle for your Day of the Dead ofrenda? Feeling a little spooky in the most spooky of seasons?  How about adding some bling and flame to your romantic dinner table?

Limited edition *burnable* unscented altar candles

Choose your style and your color palette to create a unique sparkly candle for any occasion!


Please choose a base color, and leave any notes about preferences of glitter color in the “Special Instructions” box.  Otherwise, I’ll pick what suits your design and candle color choice best!  Limit 7 glitter colors, please.  Designs are hand drawn, and consequently will be unique!  If you’d like a specific design, please add it into the “Special Instructions” box.


These candles are often called “prayer candles” and take several days to burn completely.  They stand 8 inches tall, are 2 inches wide, and burn cleanly with unscented wax.

The glitter used on the candle is “cosmetic grade”, so if you get some in your eye, don’t worry, it’s not going to scratch your corneas.  I wouldn’t recommend getting it in your eye, just as a general precaution, but if you do, it’s not glass or metal crafting glitter.

Cut off dates for special ordering will be 3 weeks prior to whenever you need it, to accomodate for production, curing and travel time.  Example:  To get a candle for your Dia de los Muertos ofrenda (Nov 2nd) , please order by October 11th.  For mother’s day 2020?  Please order by April 19th.

Shipping times cannot be promised, but I’ll do my best, and will ship via USPS unless otherwise specified.  USA/Canada shipping costs are as reflected, but other countries will require additional shipping fees.

Antoinette Hippe, DBA Magic Magpie Studio, is not responsible for anyone when y’all light these candles.  PLEASE don’t leave candles unattended, in the hands of small children, near other flammable things, where the cat can knock it over, or where it might burn down the house in an earthquake.  Pay attention, and be smart about it, k?

+ - Additional information

Additional information

Weight 25.4 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 8 in
Base Color

White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black

Design Style

Floral, Henna/Mehndi, Floral Day of the Dead, Day of the Dead Skull, Gothic Skulls, Roses

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